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CA Pass Percentage 2023 Released: ICAI CA Intermediate & Final Result Pass Percentage

The wait is over! The results have officially been released by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) of the examination held in November 2023. The pass percentage is always there as a talking point, it’s important not to look at the numbers blindly but rather understand what they are all about especially for parents and professionals supporting aspiring CAs. 

Let’s get into the findings and provide a full view.

CA Final Exam:

Both group Pass Percentage: 9.42%

Group I Pass Percentage: 9.46%

Group II Pass Percentage: 21.6%

CA Intermediate Exam:

Both group Pass Percentage: 9.73%

Group I Pass Percentage: 16.78%

Group II Pass Percentage: 19.18%

Decoding the Numbers:

The pass percent of CA exams indicates how difficult these are also. While the headline

numbers might seem low, it’s important to remember certain things like:

Strict Marking: Other professional exams do not have as strict marking and a higher benchmark for passing.

Comprehensive Syllabus: Auditing, taxes and other allied topics.

Beyond the Numbers: How Parents and Professionals Can Help?

Celebrate Efforts: Whatever the result is, recognise how much effort and devotion has been made by your child or mentee has invested. Passing or not, the journey is itself praiseworthy.

Offer Support: The results can be emotionally difficult and give advice on what to do next.

Focus on Learning: The CA journey is the long-distance race, not a short one. Emphasize the importance of Continuous learning and improvement must be regardless of the outcome from an exam.

Explore Options: Success in the finance and accounting realm can also take different routes. If the pursuit of CA is difficult, encourage exploring other means.

For Professionals:

Mentorship: Consider guiding budding CAs and providing expert advice. Offer guidance on study strategies, prep for exams and career development.

Industry Engagement: Obfuscate for CA graduates in your organization or contact circles. Highlight their good analytical skills, financial knowledge and ethical bearing.

Collaboration: Search for CA firms or professionals to collaborate with. This can fill the gap between academics and industry.

Remember, the CA results are a kind of milestone in your long-awaited and worthy career. Let’s support our aspiring CAs, navigate the numbers together, and focus on the bigger picture: growth, learning, and ultimately, professional success.

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