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ICAI to conduct CA Exam thrice a Year: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate Examinations Three Times a Year

ICAI to conduct CA Exam thrice a Year: Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) brought about a revised pattern to the CA examination, a development that has gained significant importance.

A few months ago, the same candidates who used to sit for the CA Foundation and Inter exams twice would only have to make three attempts now. The purpose behind this revamping is to provide a more appropriate path to becoming a Chartered Accountant and promises more flexibility and prospects of success.

ICAI to conduct CA Exam thrice a Year

CCM of ICAI Mr Dhiraj Khandewal  revealed that exams will be held three times in his social media platform ” X ” or x, earlier known as twitter, an alternative to Twitter about the change in the CA exams from being conducted two times a year to three times!

ICAI has come up with CA exam notifications for three times in a year.

The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India (ICAI) has introduced the new version for how CA Foundation and Inter exams are arranged. This change will give candidates more time to enhance their CA performance through continuous learning and development.

The aim of the adjustment process is to ensure better performance from students. The purpose is to create opportunities of resetting and alleviate students` perceptions about exams being so difficult.

The trend will still be that the CA Foundation and Inter exams will happen three times yearly but the CA final exams will remain twice a year

This choice of CA Foundation exams thrice a year becomes a real role in the lives of CA students. This makes their planning process for an exam flexible as well as they can take it at their convenience time. This way they can finish faster on the path of becoming qualified CAs.

While the ability to retake tests will surely enhance students’ performance by fostering continuous learning and alleviating the issues related to having only one opportunity to finish the tests, the final decision on their implementation has to be made by considering the faculty viewpoint and gauging the students’ realities.

ICAI Announcement for CA Exams Thrice a Year Highlights

ICAI Announcement for CA Exams Thrice a Year Highlights
AspectBefore June 2024After June 2024
Exam Pattern for CA Foundation and Inter ExamsTwice a yearCA Foundation exam thrice a year CA Inter exam thrice a year
Implementation DateN/AJune 2024
Exam FlexibilityLimitedIncreased opportunities for candidates
Stress ReductionN/AAimed at reducing stress for students
CA Final ExamsBiannuallyContinues to be conducted biannually
Impact on CA StudentsLimited flexibilityGreater flexibility in planning exams
Overall Student Performance ImprovementModerateExpected improvement with more chances

What is the reason behind ICAI’s decision to hold CA Exams thrice a year?

ICAI to conduct CA Exam thrice a Year

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has decided to make a positive change for CA students. They will now have the opportunity to take CA exams thrice a year, giving them more flexibility and better chances of success. 

Note: The motive of this announcement by the Dhiraj Khandelwal (CCM) is to lower the stress levels of students and offer them a better chance to accomplish their CA objectives.

ICAI aims to become a more learner-centric by making a transition from CA Foundation and Inter exams to a triannual mode. Thus, changing the CA intermediates three times in a year is believed to improve their performance and reduce the risk of just having one chance in the exam.

CA Exams Thrice a Year FAQs:

1. Why is ICAI now conducting CA Foundation and Inter Exams three times a year?

ICAI plans to offer more flexibility and increased chances of success for CA students by providing additional opportunities to appear for exams throughout the year.

2. What is the purpose of reducing the interval of examinations

The reduced interval is intended to accelerate the progress of students, providing them with quicker opportunities to advance in their CA journey.

3. How can these changes benefit CA students preparing for exams?

The revised schedule allows students more flexibility in planning their exam attempts, reduces stress, and fosters a continuous learning approach, ultimately improving their performance.

4. Is there any change in the exam schedule for CA Inter May 2024 exams?

Yes, the CA Intermediate May 2024 exams are rescheduled from May 3 to 17, 2024, reflecting the new examination system introduced by ICAI.

5. Is there any change in the exam schedule for CA Foundation June 2024 exams?

No, The CA Foundation June 2024 exams are scheduled for June 20, 22, 24, and 26, 2024.

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