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5 Reasons why you should become a CS in India? (Company Secretary)

5 Reasons why you should a CS in INDIA Company Secretary

In a country where the statute is supreme, it is essential for all individuals, firms, companies, organizations to follow the law of the land. A company secretary plays an indispensable role in ensuring the accurate compliance of the rules and regulations by such organizations.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has established ‘The Institute of Company Secretaries of India’ as a national professional body to lead and regulate such company secretaries of India. A student passes through three stages to become a company secretary. They are:

  • Foundation Programme (CSEET) 
  • Executive Programme – A graduate can directly enter the executive stage. 
  • Professional Programme

In today’s era, it is a very sought after profession and there are numerous reasons for an aspirant to take it up as a career. If you are still baffled about whether or not to opt for company secretary as a profession, the following are some points that you should take into consideration:

Good corporate citizen

The mission of the ICSI is to develop high caliber professionals facilitating good Corporate Governance. A company secretary’s job is to manage all compliance related work of a company.

However, a company secretary also advises the company into becoming a good corporate citizen by encouraging transparency in filing returns, timely submission of forms, following the regulations, and adhering to the compliance calendar.

5 Reasons why you should become a CS in India?

Also, being a Company Secretary is a position of great responsibility, and with that, it also becomes a position of great honour and respect. It is a venerated profession everywhere in the world.

Numerous Job opportunities

A company secretary has a lot of options available after passing the final stage exam. After you have earned your membership into the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, you achieve the designation of a corporate legal advisor. And not just companies, your education about the law and its procedures help you get the stature of a renowned legal consultant depending upon your capabilities.

Currently, companies having a turnover of over ten crores are compulsorily required to appoint a company secretary. This is just one instance of the scope of work that a company secretary can take up. Also, this course offers opportunities for individuals with different ideologies.

Students who want job security with stable earnings can opt for jobs in various organizations like banks, company secretary firms who carry out such legal work for their clients, non-banking financial corporations, and many more.

Many companies also include company secretaries as a member of their board of directors. And those of you who want to build something of their own, and have leadership qualities can start their own practice. They can set up their firm, with friends or relatives and start attracting clients by doing meaningful work and contributing to society by providing employment opportunities to others as well.

Age is no bar

For someone who never stops to learn and grow, and someone who has an aptitude for law, for understanding rules and regulations, this course is a perfect match.

As per the guidelines set up for this course by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, there is no age limit for sitting for the CS exams. All you need is a little courage, lots of preparation, and dedication to give the exams and become one of the few.

It must also be noted that the course has been designed in such a way that students can start their journey of becoming legal flagbearers right after they come out of school. You need to sit for the foundation exams to enter into the course.

A passing percentage of forty percent is needed for each subject, and overall fifty percent is needed to pass each level. And even though, the number of attempts you take to qualify as a company secretary can be more than one, a diligent student who is serious about building his path can take over any obstacle and complete the course in time to start their professional life in their early twenties. 

You come out as a package

This course mandates every aspirant to undergo compulsory training under a Company secretary. This is very rare, but it grooms young talents and prepares them for the future.

Their practical work experiences at an intern stage, and all the challenges that they face including time management of studies along with training only make them stronger individuals who are ready to face anything which may impede their success paths in upcoming years.

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During your internship, there is so much that each trainee learns, practical application of concepts, doing what they would actually be required to do at an actual job after they qualify makes it a perfect course for people who love learning while studying.

Financially stable

With so many growth opportunities available in the market, it is hard for a company secretary to sit idly by while life goes on. In India and abroad, the role of a company secretary is crucial, the possibility of ending up unemployed is obscure.

Let us be straight. When we put in hard work and dedication into something, we expect to reap benefits out of it. And you can make no mistakes when it comes to your career, no chances can be taken. So, one thing which is certain after you become a company secretary is that you will be able to earn for yourself and your family and have a decent life. 

While many of the students reach an impasse when deciding their futures, it is much easier for others to decide on a whim. However, considering that whatever you choose, you will be giving your heart and soul to that for at least three to four years of your life, you must make a rational decision weighing all the pros and cons.

Discuss with people who are in the same profession, talk to your family, see where the industry is going, look at the prospects of that course, analyze the learnings from it and most importantly consider if what you choose to do is what you actually want to do.

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