How to Prepare for CSEET July 2022 | 100% Pass CSEET in First Attempt

How to Prepare for CSEET | Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt

The official date of CSEET has been announced by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The official notification has been released by the Institute and the date of the the entrance test has been announced as 09th July 2022.  

“ICSI CSEET is the qualifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive Programme” conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Here you get complete details about How to Prepare for CSEET & Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt

Passing Criteria for CSEET

ICSI has established a passing criteria which is minimum of 40% marks in each part i.e., Paper- 1, Paper -2, Paper -3 and Paper -4 separately as the case may be, and 50% marks in aggregate of all parts put together for passing the Test . There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. The minimum CS Executive Entrance Test percentage to be scored is 50%.

The new break up for computer based CSEET in MCQ pattern of 120 minutes would be as under

Sr. No.SubjectsNo. Of questionsMarks
1.Business Communication3550
2. Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning3550
3. Economic and Business Environment3550
4.Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills3550

But are we really prepared to crack this exam?

This exam being one of the most important exam for entering into this course of such a prestigious Institute of India. Hence this requires adequate preparation, learning and planning.

The students are required to plan the study in such a manner that the goal can be achieved and they should be able to crack this in 1st attempt itself.

Following methodology is suggested for achieving the passing criteria and cracking the exam

  1. Understanding the CSEET Syllabus
  2. Making a Study Plan
  3. Journals and CSEET Bulletins released by ICSI
  4. Books
  5. Attending Classes
  6. Giving Mock Tests periodically
  7. Self Practice

How to Prepare for CSEET: Understanding the CSEET Syllabus

ICSI has prescribed detailed syllabus w.r.t. each paper and content which will be part of the test. Following are the topics and subjects which are required to be part of the test. Students are expected to understand and have a proper grip on the topics. A proper SWOT analysis should be done by the students w.r.t. topics. The focus should be more on the topics/ subjects which seems tough or difficult for them.

Business CommunicationEssentials of Good English Communication Business Correspondence
Legal Aptitude and Logical ReasoningConstitution of India Indian Contract Act & Law of Torts Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation Elements of Company law Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Non verbal Reasoning
Economic and Business EnvironmentBasics of Demand and SupplyForms of Market CompetitionNational Income Accounting and related conceptsIndian Union BudgetIndian Financial MarketsIndian EconomyIndian EconomyBusiness EnvironmentKey Government Institutions
Current Affairs and Presentation and Communication SkillsCurrent Affairs of National and International SignificancePresentation skillsWritten Communication SkillsOral Communication Skills

ICSI has also prescribed the proportion of marks which will be allocated to each section of the subject and topics. It becomes quite easy for the students to prioritise the learning and selection of topics.

How to Prepare for CSEET: Making a Study Plan

This is another important prerequisite wherein students are expected to frame their daily learning hours. Making a proper time table has always been helpful for cracking any examination. Hence it would also help here as well.

These days a lot of teachers and mentors are using their YouTube channels. This will also suggest students to derive their hourly or daily study routine. They can spread their topics over the span of next few days till 09th July 2022.

Students can also decide on the basis of the days of the week for allocation purpose. For example they can study each subject on hourly basis or each subject per day basis during the week.


We are pleased to inform UNIQUE ACADEMY FOR COMMERCE provides FREE CSEET Video Lectures to All the Students on its YouTube Channel and UNIQUE ACADEMY Website. In these classes, renowned and learned faculty members conduct sessions on the Papers of CSEET. The details of CSEET Preparation Classes is given below.

How to Prepare for CSEET: Journals and CSEET Bulletins released by ICSI

ICSI releases monthly journals and newsletters for helping students preparing for this exam. Students should regularly refer these study materials for meeting the requirements of this exam.

Further this will also help them to understand the latest trends of this examination. The recent topics, case laws, examples of Industry practices and various other relevant material can be found and referred through theses journals.

How to Prepare for CSEET: Books which can be referred

This national level exam is considered as highly competitive. Every student must prepare to qualify the same. ICSI has not exclusively recommended any of the reference books for preparing the examination. For  scoring excellent marks subject wise, students can select good books. Although this is not an exhaustive list but students can definitely score good marks by referring these study books.

For instance

  • For preparing the questions w.r.t Company Law, students can refer books from Taxmann publishers
  • Even they can also find really good Multiple Choice Questions on Company Law from this publisher
  • The conceptual understanding regarding Business Communication can be made from the ICSI study material only
  • For understanding Business and Commercial laws, students can refer books of CS Anoop Jain 
  • For updating the knowledge w.r.t. current affairs, any periodicals, newspapers or journals can serve the purpose

Students can also refer some of the previous year question papers for preparing well in the exam. Consequently they can also prepare along with the speed and meeting the timeline requirement of clearing the exam.

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Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt: Attending Classes

These days , various websites and you tube channels prescribe various modes of study and chapter wise/ topic wise/ importance wise notes for the reference of students. ICSI also on regular basis plan various types of classes and sessions for the better understanding of students. 

Students can chose wisely what type of class they want to enrol into. They can decide which can help them to understand the topics or which can help them clearing their doubts.

Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt: Giving Mock Tests periodically

Mock tests usually help students to get familiar with  style of examination or attempting the actual question paper. As this is now an online paper and which can be given by sitting at home also, hence it can be a bit difficult for students to create examination type atmosphere at home. But with the mock tests they can also assess their speed of solving questions and can also ascertain the accuracy level used in the performance.

Various types of mock tests are available on various online platforms- some paid and some unpaid. Students can select any one but they should practice it as much as they can.

Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt: Self Practice

It is generally said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This means that with regular practice of solving questions on their own , students can really reach to a level of accuracy along with speed.

Its very important that they should focus on self practice even after performing mock tests or online classes. Self practice and continuity of the same is one of the essential key to be successful in this examination.