Problems While Preparing Numerical Subject (FM, CMA) in CS Executive

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Preparing for CS Executive does not seem easy for the students even though 6 out of 8 subjects of Executive level are law subjects. CS Executive is basically the intermediate level of the Company Secretaries Course by ICSI. 

The CS Executive level is divided into 2 modules-

Module 1-

Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws, Company Law, Setting Up Of Business Entities And Closure, Tax Laws

Module 2-  

Corporate & Management Accounting, Securities Laws & Capital Markets, Economic, Business And Commercial Laws, Financial And Strategic Management

Apparent Anxiety regarding Practical Subjects FM CMA

Usually CS is opted by students who are more inclined towards theoretical subjects. It is considered that majority of the subjects are law, hence predominantly the CS Course will be more of theory and less of numerical. However the numerical papers also carry an equal weightage and importance for clearing the Executive level.

There is apparent anxiety in the students regarding these practical subjects of CS Executive. But at the same time, these practical subjects cannot be ignored.

Why is there so much fear of practical subjects in CS Students?

This anxiety for practical subjects in students is so deep rooted that it can be traced down all the way to their formative years when as a young student a mere mention of the subjects like Mathematics is enough to give them nightmares. Even this subject never carried any interest during our school days in majority of the cases. Even after 10th Standard, when students chose Commerce as their stream, they almost took Accountancy subject as one of those numerical subjects wherein they were least interested in understanding logics, backgrounds, but rather focused only to clear the exam.

The anxiety being faced by CS students in their Executive level w.r.t. FM & CMA subjects are actually not new. Instead this has a genesis since their initial learning years of the school. This is the main reason CS students hate practical subjects.

The anxiety being faced by CS students in their Executive level w.r.t. FM & CMA subjects are actually not new. Instead this has a genesis since their initial learning years of the school. This is the main reason CS students hate practical subjects.

How to overcome this Anxiety?

There are two main fears in the mind of CS students. First is about the subject itself and the second one is about the particular mindset which they carry while attending lectures for these subjects.  Over the years , students develop rigidity w.r.t. learning of new concepts especially w.r.t. numerical subjects. They do not give a patient hearing or understanding to the concepts rather focus on solving the questions.

Practical subjects like FM, CMA demand regularity, patience, concentration and dedication from the students. 

Concentration and Regularity is the key to Success

Someone who has fear in his or her heart or has anxiety gripping their minds at the sight of numerical will not be able to excel in these subjects. Even after attending regular lectures/ classes, students has a fear of losing grip on the numerical subjects. Lack of concentration is the main reason for this. Mere physical presence in the classes is not enough to overcome fears and confusions. Students have to pay full concentration.

Irrelevant questions and superfluous thoughts will only create more confusions and fears.

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Best Practices to overcome practical subject pressure?

  • Develop and rational and a questioning mindset. 
  • Build positivity
  • Raise questions
  • Clear your doubts 
  • Do not overthink the answers in your mind because it will only lead to more confusion.
  • Practice Meditation
  • Have Patience

Work on Concepts and Logics. Instead of accepting what is being taught, try to ask the reason and background. Be it a formulae, be it a question, do not be afraid to put your point across. The moment you will start getting involved with concepts and logics, you will start enjoying the subjects. All the fears will get converted into a “Happy Learning”.

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September 17, 2021

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