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Importance of Test Series in CS Executive

Importance of Test Series in CS Executive

As all of us understand that nowadays, there’s a great emphasis on adherence to norms of efficient corporate governance, hence the demand of Company Secretaries has also risen especially after enactment of Company Act 2013. The role of Company Secretary revolves around the following domains-

  • Structure of the company
  • Management of the company
  • Administration of the company
  • Provisions related to conduct of affairs of company

CS Executive is the second stage of the professional course of Company Secretary. The executive stage is basically designed to inculcate skills and competence of executive program passed students. The main objective is to make students capable and competent to act as Secretarial Executive in companies or in professional and consultancy firms).

As we all know that the Company Secretary Course is a distance learning professional course offered by Institute of Company Secretaries of India. It is a professional course which is not only a reputed one rather is very lucrative in terms of salary.

Students who are interested to pursue this course has to undergo different stages of examinations along with some practical training sessions.

The different stages of examination includes the following-

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme
  • Management Training

There are 8 papers divided into 2 Modules in CS Executive Programme (wef. 01.03.2018)

Executive Programme [8papers] ( New Syllabus – w.e.f. 1st Mar 2018 )

MODULE 1 (4papers)MODULE 2 (4 papers)
1. Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws5. Corporate & Management Accounting
2. Company Law6. Securities Laws & Capital Markets
3. Setting Up Of Business Entities And Closure7. Economic, Business And Commercial Laws
4. Tax Laws8. Financial And Strategic Management

Importance of Test Series In CS Executive

But as we all understand properly that for clearing any examination, proper preparation is a must. The CS Test series is one such platform wherein the students get themselves prepared for CS Executive examination. Proper and effective Test Series not only helps you in continuous preparation but also helps you to make proper schedule of learning.

This proper schedule is infact the basis for planning out the subjects. Further writing test series helps a student in identifying the preparation level and result formulation which will in turn help for performance evaluation.

Modes of Test Series

Earlier the test series were conducted in offline mode when there was no advancement in technology but with the advancement in the technology now the online test series are conducted. These Test Series include Mock Tests and various other type of online tests for the students.

Various YouTube channels including websites, portals are now providing test series for preparation of CS Executive.

We at Unique Academy of Commerce help the students for exams preparation strategies, so that they know what they are preparing in the classes, they are actually prepared.

An online exam platform which provides CS Executive Test Series for both modules. Detailed Analysis Of Test by All India Rankers. Know How To Present In a Professional Exam.

What is required to be included in an effective Test Series?

  • Proper Counselling of Exam Strategies
  • Art of writing answers in the examination
  • Improving the presentation skills while writing the answers w.r.t. questions based on various case laws.
  • Solving the doubts of the students
  • Taking timely and separate session of students as and when required
  • Motivating the students by increasing the competitive spirit

Benefits of Test Series

Online Test Series also provides opportunity for self-improvement and development. There are various benefits of appearing in test series especially before appearing in an examination of a professional kind like Company Secretary.

In a brief manner, we can summaries all the benefits of Test Series as under-

  • Understanding proper time management
  • Familiarising and revision of important concepts
  • Familiarising the students with the actual examination like environment
  • Boosting the self confidence of the students
  • Proper analysis of the performance of the students
  • SWOT analysis
  • Rectification of mistakes well in time, at least before the actual examination.

Some of the benefits are explained as follows-

  • Providing Good Practice– Providing good amount of practice to students is one of the key factor behind test series. This will help students in doing well in the actual examination. Continuous practice through test series increases the speed of solving the problems and aids in improving the weaker subject area of students.
  • Feel of Real Examination– Test Series make students familiar with real exam scenario. The duration and structure pattern of these test matches with the actual examination. 
  • Assessing Learning Capability- The test series helps in knowing the learning capability of students and progress in their performance. Moreover, students can compare their performance with other candidates appearing for the same test.
  • Improvement and focus on increasing the Speed- Test series also provides ample amount of practice to the student, hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically. Gradually they can answer the same questions in lesser time which they were taking earlier to respond.
  • Morale boosting and increasing the Confidence- It aids in improving performance and boosting confidence in students. It helps in driving away their exam fear and anxiety. Once the student has faced the examination like situation, they will not refrain from attempting the test series again and again for improvement.

Better Time Management- With the help of test series students can get an idea to solve questions in stipulated time and they can continue the same strategy in actual exams also.

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