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Young students who aspire to achieve something extraordinary choose professional courses in desire to succeed in their life. Professional courses like Company Secretary (CS), Chartered Accountant (CA) & CMA have revolutionized the era of professional world. The institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI) conducts the exams for CS Foundation (CSEET), Executive and Professional twice a year, in June and December. Students take this path but forget to remain on-track because of lack of knowledge and absolute planning. To achieve success in these exams, for being a well-qualified CS, what you need to know is, HOW TO PREPARE FOR CS EXAMS? You will come across many students, some of them study for 12-14 hrs and still do not manage to score good marks and then there are some who study 6-8 hrs but still rise with flying colours. Everyone has their own potential and their unique strategy to study, what matters in this course is not only hardwork but you are also required to collaborate your smartness with hardwork. Plan your studies in such a manner which will lead you to your ultimate goal of being a qualified professional.

 Four basic and most important tips that will help you to prepare for December 2020 attempt:


The very first step to gear up your preparation for December 2020 attempt is to make a timetable as per your potential. Try to schedule every topic and chapter in a time bound manner and complete it within the allotted time period. Keep a proper schedule for your self-study and for CS Online Classes. Unique Academy For Commerce, comes up with one of the best faculty for CS Executive and CS Foundation (CSEET) level examination, providing best online video classes for CS. You can revise the whole course for December Attempt through the best online video lectures for CS students of Unique Academy For Commerce.


The basic principle you need to work on is the conceptual clarity. We often read a topic and when we try to memorize it, we fail to do so. Have you ever reflected upon the reason behind this? It is very clear that you just read the content and try to memorize, but this is not how you will crack your CS exam. If you think that mugging up the topic will produce the same result as you are expecting in exams, then you must stop right now. It will be a complete wastage of time. Instead, focus on basics and essence of the topic and then memorize it. Conceptual clarity of a topic is must to attempt each and every question, for both objective and subjective type examinations. Earlier CS Foundation and now CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET), both are objective type examination and to get along with every multiple choice question, you must be very clear about the concepts. Make your own summary notes with bullet points covering everything you read or whatever is taught in the class. Unique Academy For Commerce has best CS Executive video lectures in India and online classes for CSEET 2020. Studying for a professional exam from professionals and best faculty CS Executive Video lectures will surely clear all your concepts and when you will try to sum up everything, you will easily memorize it.


The core element of every success is preparing your own self for upcoming challenges and self-assessment. Doing self-study is always considered great. Devoting a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day for preparation, to sum up what you have learned and to make summary notes is necessary. Last minute preparation to crack the exam is unrealistic. Doing self-study along with the best CS online classes has always proved to be a great option to all CS Aspirants. CS Executive students should give utmost importance to self-study if they want to hit the bullseye. Give time to both practical as well as theoretical subjects. Revise the notes taken during CS online classes. Revise each and every concept and solve as many questions as you can, because practice makes a man perfect. Self – study takes in a lot of hard-work but increases your retention power and will concise the syllabus.


When it comes to studying from home or work from home, we all become so lethargic that we start procrastinating our work. But you all need to understand that this is a very crucial time where you have two choices, either pull up your socks and take the first mover advantage or sit and think what to do. At this point of time, CS online classes will be really very helpful to you. You have ample of time to revise your syllabus, utilize the time and watch the CSEET online lectures for 2020, CS Executive online video lectures. Search for the best CS executive video lectures in India. Avoid distractions like social media. Keep yourself hydrated and active, exercise daily to relax your mental nerves. If you procrastinate while you’re studying you are simply prolonging the pain. Start today and reap fruits tomorrow.

Ashish Parekh’s Professional Academy(APPA) – Unique Academy For Commerce guides you all throughout your journey of being a Company Secretary (CS). Below mentioned are few important key points which you all should keep in mind while preparing for your CS Examination-

● Give equal importance to each subject, be it theoretical or practical.

● Don’t become panic-stricken, relax and meditate and then start your preparation.

● Stick to the pattern and Syllabus of examination.

● Self-assessment is very important, test your own ability and learn from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them.

● Revise everything you have done at the end of the day.

These tips, if genuinely followed by any student, will ultimately take him closer to his main goal. Don’t try to jump directly, take small steps and do smart work. Every student can plan his own strategy and different plan to study but keep in mind that your goal is not just to clear this exam but to be a well-qualified proficient Professional. More rigorous and sincere you are towards your studies and preparation more is the probability of positive results.