How to Clear CSEET in 20 Days | 100% Pass CSEET in First Attempt

how to clear cseet in 20 days

CSEET examinations conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India every year for Company Secretary aspirants. Every year many students sit for these examinations in the hope to clear them in their first attempt.

While it is not at all difficult to clear these exams, there is a big asterisk to that statement which requires the candidates to be dedicated towards their goal and never lose sight of the big picture. Every child is different, every child’s pace is different.

So while there are not many similarities in one student’s study plan from the other, there are still some common features and fundamental characteristics that must be followed religiously during your exam preparation days to excel in the exams, be it any examinations. Many students are asking about a study schedule suitable for the same.

Here is a study plan for CSEET Exams

Complete Your Classes

The first and foremost step is to complete your lectures. Unless you complete your lectures, you cannot start your self revision and you will never get into a serious mindset until your classes are going on. So the best way is to finish off your classes as soon as possible.

Maintain Regularity

Be consistent. And make a study schedule and stick to it. A very good way is to count the total number of hours of your classes and subtract the number of hours you have watched to arrive at the number of hours left. This will give you the required momentum to watch classes one after the other.

Self Revision

watching the classes is the easy part. After that, start your own revision. This implies going through the whole subject again. Make notes of whatever you understand. Try to make sure that whatever you are revising in this revision helps you in cutting short your time for your next revision. 

Track your Time

another trick is to track the number of hours you are taking in preparing each topic. It helps you keep track of time and helps you in time management. During your exam days these trackers will help you manage your studies.

You can figure out in which topics you require more time and then you can decide based on past year papers and the questioning pattern whether it is worth it to devote another set of revision to those topics or if you can complete more of other topics in the same duration which carry more marks in the paper usually. So these tricks can help you a lot.

Track the Past year Papers

In such exams, it is equally important to keep a track on the kind of questions that are usually asked in the exams. So download the question papers that have been given on the Institute’s website and from there you can estimate how to prepare for CSEET 2022. 

CSEET Exam Pattern 2022

Although the exam patterns do not change frequently, yet whatever subject you are preparing you should at least once in the beginning check the exam pattern which is usually followed in the exams. Go through the study material first and see the past year question papers.

Mix of Subjects

Usually students prefer doing 2 subjects at a time. So the monotony of one subject can be nullified by the other one.

This trick can be used in any examination, however when preparing for 20 days this trick can help you keep an upper hand in all your subjects at once so that later if you have less time then you can skip some topics and still not stand at the risk of not having prepared a whole subject.

So try to pick 2 subjects or more at a time but they should complement each other.

Here are some FAQs you might need the answer to:

Q-1: Is there a 20 Days Study Plan for CSEET, i.e. to pass in 20 days? Or Can I clear CSEET in 10 days? Or can i clear the cseet in 1 month? 

A-1: Usually you should start preparing a few months before the exams. But if under any circumstances, you do not have much time, then you can follow the above techniques to pass CSEET Exam in a month or less.

Q-2: Is it easy to pass CSEET exam?

A-2: It is easy for those who can study and difficult for those who think that mere cramming can get them through the examinations. If you are thinking how can I pass the CSEET exam – then the simple answer is to study and to study consistently.

Q-3: What should I study for CSEET, how to prepare for CSEET exam?

A-3 If you have taken coaching for all the subjects, then focus on the material given by your teachers. However, if you are someone who wants to do self study of the subjects then you can refer to the Institute’s study material as a reference for all the subjects. For preparation strategy you can refer to the points given above.

Q-4 How many months are required to prepare for the cseet?

A-4: It largely depends on your coaching classes, the time you are able to devote daily, your efficiency while studying, the number of revisions you are taking and the number of topics that you are covering. It is advised that you plan these things in advance.
Every student has a different pace of doing things. The only thing that matters is to study regularly and stay focused. Some students prepare in 5 months, some take shorter time and some take more than that. It all is really a function of your planning and focus. Also it depends on how much marks you are aiming for. If you want a great score, then it is suggested for you to take ample time and study without any haste to achieve your goal.

Q-5: How many attempts are allowed for CSEET? How to clear CSEET in the first attempt?

A-5: Well, one registration allows you to sit once in the exam. And if you miss the exam, or fail then you will have to register again. 

It is very much possible to clear CSEET in the first attempt, but for that you need to stay focused and concentrate on the tips given above.

Hoping that all your queries must have been resolved. Here is wishing all the students the best of luck for your exams.

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