CA Final, Chartered Accountant

CA Final Course under New Scheme of Education and Training

CA Final Course

CA Final NEW SYLLABUS 2023 & CA Final Eligibility and Registration 

Students must pass both groups of the CA Intermediate exams and finish the ICITSS training in order to be able to enrol in the CA Final course. But in order to take the CA Final exams, students must: finishing the Advanced ICITISS Course

  1. Upon completion of the practical training, complete the six-month study session.
  2. Complete each of the 4 independent modules.
  3. The registration for the CA Final is good for ten years. After ten years, candidates can revalidate their registration for the required cost. The ICAI has decreased the number of CA Final papers from 8 to 6 in the CA New Scheme 2023. There are currently 2 groups, each of which will include 3 papers.
CA Final registration eligibility and validity

Significant revisions made to the CA Final Subjects include:

  1. Papers 4 and 5’s topics will be eliminated and added to the self-paced modules.
  2.  There won’t be any options in Paper 6 anymore. A multidisciplinary case study with strategic management will be used.
  3. In the Set C of the self-paced courses, elective topics like risk management, financial services, and capital markets are now included.
CA Final subjects under new scheme of education and training


Like the new CA Intermediate course in 2022, all CA Final papers will have 30% MCQs.

Additionally, every incorrect objective response will receive a 25% negative marking. The CA Final exemption regulations are identical to CA Intermediate.

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