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The ICAI Orientation Course ICITSS: Eligibility, Registration and Syllabus Details

Prospective CA students have already registered for the CA final course, and ICITSS is required to be completed as part of the practical training. Before taking the CA Final Test, the deserving student must finish it during their 2.5 years of practical training in order to graduate.

Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills –

The CA Final students must develop a strategy to carry out and pass the ICITSS/MCS courses independently of one another. Students who fail to enroll in the mandatory ICITSS course will not be allowed to take the CA final exam.

Registration for ICITSS

There are 2 courses in ICITSS that are available for registration. Management and Communication Skills (MCS) Course first, followed by Advanced Information Technology Course. You must register independently for each course using an online registration site.

Never put it off; make a strong determination that you must do it prior to the final CA Examination and within the allotted time range. On a “First come, first served” basis, enrolment is handled.

Follow the procedures for registration:

  1. Log in using your complete information to whatever online portal you choose at
  2. For an official registration provided by the Programme Organising Unit, adhere to the directions as provided by the Authority Register for a specific batch (POU).
  3. Pay online with a credit or debit card.
  4. After paying for registration, printing out a copy for your records, and receiving an admit card, you’ll receive an acknowledgement slip.
  5. Send the Acknowledgement Slip and any required supporting documents, mentioned in it to the relevant POU 4 days before the batch started.
  6. The concerned POU will finally give a confirmation of your actual registration for ICITSS after verification.

The batch can be transferred in the manner of your choice. As mentioned in the courses listed above, you can print your completion certificate if you choose.

Centres for ICITSS Training

ICITSS training facilities can be found all throughout the nation. Of course, pick the one that is closest to you!

2 ICITSS Compulsory Courses

The two ICITSS courses that are equally mandatory are listed below; you must enroll in and successfully complete both of them.

  1. Advanced Information Technology Course
  2. Management and Communication Skills Course (MCS)

The Advanced Information Technology Course Overview

The course’s foundation is

  1. Building of practical knowledge for comprehending ERP setups employing IT for auditing.
  2. Recognizing the value of ITGCs and the significance of evaluating application controls with access rights in ERP controls.
  3. For a developing professional accountant, focused training is offered in Tally usage based on application software.
  4. DBMS, sophisticated features of electronic spreadsheets, enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities, auditing in an ERP environment, etc.
  5. This course is taught in a classroom setting. These courses last for 15 working days at a 6 hour per day pace.

Each student will pay a total of Rs. 7500. (inclusive of necessary study materials and refreshment).

Syllabus of ICITSS

Unit-1 Auditing in an ERP Environment

  • Chapter-1 Auditing in ERP Environment-Overview
  • Chapter-2 Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs)
  • Chapter-3 Automated Application Controls
  • Chapter-4 Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Accesses
  • Chapter-5 System-Generated Reports
  • Chapter-6 System implementation and Data Migration Review
  • Chapter-7 Non-Standard Journal Entries

Unit-2 Database Application Using MS-Access

  • Chapter-1 Advanced SQL Queries
  • Chapter 2 Designing Forms and Reports
  • Chapter-3 Building Criteria Expressions
  • Chapter-4 Macros and Switchboards

Unit-3 Advance Excel

  • Chapter-1 Working With XML
  • Chapter-2 Advances in Macros
  • Chapter-3 Applied Financial Analysis & Forecasting Financial Statements
  • Chapter-4 Mathematical & Statistical Tools for Financial Analysis
  • Chapter-5 Application of MS-Excel

Unit-4 MS-Excel as Audit Tool

  • 1st Chapter – Introduction to MS Excel as an Audit Tool
  • 2nd Chapter – Useful Functions for Auditing
  • 3rd Chapter – Formula Auditing
  • 4th Chapter – Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Unit – 5 Enterprise Resource Planning

  • 1st Chapter – ERP Overview
  • 2nd Chapter – ERP Implementation
  • 3rd Chapter –
    • i) ERP Control & Audit -Part – A
    • ii) ERP Control & Audit – Part – B
  • Chapter 4 E -Filing


Students in their final year decide in an optimistic manner how to successfully complete the course on ICITSS before to the final exam.

With increasing understanding, everything about chartered accountancy will be crystal clear, and your experience and subject-matter competence will place you in the lead in establishing a strong career in either corporate consulting or in service.

Your desire to become a prominent Chartered Accountant in the nation will come true thanks to ICITSS.

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