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Guidelines for Registration De novo CS Student

After the month of registration in the Executive Program, the registration to CS Student is valid for five years.

Students whose registration expires at the end of the five-year period must renew it in order to continue in the programme through the Professional Programme Stage.

Online DeNovo & Extension Registration Process

STEP 1: Go to www.icsi.edu’s home page and select the Online Services link.

STEP 2: Select “Student login” from the menu.

STEP 3: Click “Login” after providing your User name (i.e., Registration number) and Password.

Step 4 is to select “My Account” from the “Students” menu.

STEP 5: Select “Denovo Registration & Extension” under the “Payment Requests” heading.

Step 6: After choosing the request type and the payment method, click “Submit Request.” Upon successfully submitting the request, a Request ID and Transaction ID will be generated.

STEP 7: Continue with the payment process using a credit card, debit card, net banking, or a challan.

An acknowledgement receipt is generated for every successful payment, and a notification is sent to the relevant email address.

ICSI Denovo Registration Fees

The specifics of the payment due Fees as set forth from time to time by the Council, with the following eligibility requirements:

  • Executive/Professional students within two years of the expiration of their prior registration, students may reapply for registration. The enrollment cost is Rs.2000.
  • Such students may still apply for Registration de-novo up to five years after the expiration of their prior registration if they fail to do so within the two years following the expiration of their previous registration. The cost is 3000 rupees.

Program for Executives and Professionals Students may access the resources in the e-learning portal and participate in the Pre-Examination Test, but they must also pay the PreExam Test Fee.

With the aforementioned modifications to the rules pertaining to Registration Denovo, the Extension of Registration is no longer permitted.

Please remind the students that no study materials will be given to them while issuing Registration Denovo. Study materials are not included in the Registration Denovo Fee, thus if they are needed, they can be obtained from the Institute by sending the required payment separately.

In order to apply for Registration Denovo, students from the Physically Handicapped Category and the SC/ST Category will only need to pay 25% and 50%, respectively, of the lump sum cost that applies to General Category Students as stated above.

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