CS Executive Financial Management Important Chapters | CS Executive FM Video Lectures

CS Executive Financial Management Important Chapters

Preparing for CS Executive does not seem easy for the students even though 6 out of 8 subjects of Executive level are law subjects. CS Executive is basically the intermediate level of the Company Secretaries Course by ICSI. 

Part I: To provide knowledge of practical aspects of financial management so as to develop skills in taking financial and investment decisions.

Part II : To enable students to acquire multidimensional skills as to equip them to comprehend the process of strategy formulation.

Detailed Contents
Part I:Financial Management (60 marks)

  1. Nature and Scope of Financial Management: Nature, Scope and Objectives of Financial Management; Risk-Return and
    Value of the Firm; Objectives of the firm; Profit Maximisation vs. Wealth Maximisation; Emerging roles of Finance Managers.
  2. Capital Budgeting: Compounding and Discounting techniques- Concepts of Annuity and Perpetuity; Capital Budgeting
    Process; Techniques of Capital Budgeting- Discounted and Non- Discounted Cash Flow Methods; Capital Rationing; Risk
    Evaluation and Sensitivity Analysis.
  3. Capital Structure: Introduction- Meaning and Significance; Optimal Capital Structure; Determinants of Capital Structure;
    Theories of Capital Structure; EBIT – EPS Analysis; EBITDA Analysis; Risk and Leverage; Effects of Leverage on Shareholders’
  4. Sources of raising long-term finance and Cost of Capital: Sources, Meaning, Factors Affecting Cost of Capital; Methods for
    Calculating cost of capital; Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC); Marginal Cost of Capital.
  5. Project Finance: Project Planning – Preparation of Project Report, Project Appraisal under Normal Inflationary and Deflationary
    Conditions; Project Appraisal by Financial Institutions – Lending Policies and Appraisal Norms by Financial Institutions and
    Banks; Project Review and Control; Social Cost and Benefit Analysis of Project. Term loans from Financial institutions and
    Banks; Lease and Hire Purchase Finance; Venture Capital Funds; Private Equity; International Finance and Syndication of
    Loans, Deferred Payment Arrangements; Corporate Taxation and its Impact on Corporate Financing; Financing Cost Escalation.
  6. Dividend Policy: Introduction- Types; Determinants and Constraints of Dividend Policy; Forms of Dividend; Different Dividend
  7. Working Capital : Meaning, Types, Determinants and Assessment of Working Capital Requirements, Negative Working Capital;
    Operating Cycle Concept and Applications of Quantitative Techniques; Management of Working Capital – Cash Receivables
    Inventories; Financing of Working Capital; Banking Norms and Macro Aspects; Factoring and Forfaiting.
  8. Security Analysis: Measuring of Systematic and Unsystematic Risk; Fundamental Analysis (Economic, Industry and
    Company); Technical Analysis and Efficient Market Hypothesis.
  9. Portfolio Management: Meaning, Objectives; Portfolio Theory -Traditional Approach; Markowitz Portfolio Theory; Modern
    Approach – CAPM Model; Economic Value Added; Sharpe Single & Multi Index Model; Risk Adjusted Measure of Performance.

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