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In the context of global commerce courses and the constant changes in the business environment, the possession of specific certifications is highly appreciated by the employers.

For those who want to get well-paid positions in finance and accounting, there are the CMA US, ACCA, CFA certifications. These credentials are well known globally for their high standards and the higher level of skills that are taught. 


This blog post is a breakdown of each of these top commerce courses, explaining why they are popular and how they open up great career prospects. 




The CMA US certification, administered by the IMA, is in financial management and strategic business management. The CMA is highly appreciated in the United States and is gradually gaining popularity worldwide due to the focus on decision-making, planning, and performance management. 

Why Choose CMA US? 

  1. Focus on Management Accounting: The skills required in business management and decision making are well captured in the CMA curriculum and therefore the course is suitable for those who wish to advance to higher positions in their careers. 
  2. Versatile Application: CMAs are prepared to serve in different industries such as the financial industry, the consulting industry, and the manufacturing industry. 
  3. Competitive Salaries: CMAs are usually paid better than their counterparts who have not pursued the certification. The IMA also reveals that the average total remuneration of the CMAs in the United States is $113,000 per year. 

Career Opportunities: 

  1. Corporate Controller: Supervising the financial reporting and accounting functions of a business. 
  2. Budget Analyst: Creating and analysing budgets and comparing actual results with the established standards. 
  3. Business Consultant: Offering consultancy services to enhance the company’s financial position and organizational effectiveness. 

Study Path: 

The CMA program is split into two parts, each of which focuses on different aspects of financial and managerial accounting. It usually takes one to two years to complete the certification, while the candidate also acquires two years of work experience.

2.  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) 


The ACCA is an international certification for the finance and accounting industry. The ACCA program includes a number of subjects such as financial management, tax planning, auditing and etc, which makes it a complete course in accounting. 

Why Choose ACCA? 

  1. Global Employability: ACCA is very flexible and is accredited in more than 180 countries; thus, it is suitable for those who want to work in different countries. 
  2. Diverse Skill Set: The curriculum is developed to provide the professional with technical accounting knowledge and skills as well as strategic management skills. 
  3. Job Security and Advancement: The members of the ACCA are in great demand and can easily progress to the higher positions in the field of finance and management. The average salary of an ACCA professional depends on the country, but it is on par with other premier financial certifications. 

 Career Opportunities: 

  1. Financial Accountant: Reporting and compliance with the financial laws and regulations. 
  2. Audit Manager: Supervising audits and guaranteeing the correctness of the financial data. 
  3. Finance Director: The management of the financial activities and the development of the financial strategies in an organization. 

 Study Path: 

To become an ACCA member, one has to sit for 13 exams and gain three years of work experience in the field. Another component of the program is the Ethics and Professional Skills to improve the professional understanding and ethical reasoning. 



The CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst is a certification offered by the CFA Institute and is one of the most recognized and esteemed in the investment management and finance industries. The CFA program covers a wide spectrum of financial areas of study such as equity, portfolio and the candidate must adhere to certain ethical and professional practices.

Why Choose the CFA? 

  1. Global Recognition: CFA is an internationally recognized certification and is regarded as the standard of excellence in the investment field. 
  2. In-Depth Knowledge: The program offers a detailed look at finance and includes more than 10 foundational topics that are critical to the study of finance. 
  3. High Earning Potential: CFA charter holders are normally paid higher salaries because of the specialized training that they undergo. The CFA Institute has reported that the average income of the CFA charter holders in the United States is more than $ 140000 per year. 

 Career Opportunities: 

  1. Portfolio Manager: Supervising and controlling the investment portfolios to ensure the highest possible returns. 
  2. Financial Analyst: To provide research and analysis for the investment decision-making process. 
  3. Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Offering sound financial management advice to an organization. 

Study Path: 

The CFA program comprises of three levels, which are quite demanding in terms of the knowledge of financial concepts and examination. It usually takes candidates four years to complete the program while they are also practicing in the field. 


Here are 3 Global Commerce Courses for a high paying career In the field of international business, the CFA, ACCA, and CMA US certifications are the most promising to help people get well-paid jobs. Each offers a unique focus and set of skills, catering to different aspects of finance and accounting: 

CFA is perfect for those who want to gain profound knowledge in the sphere of investment management and financial analysis. 

ACCA offers a general and open structure of accounting and finance with an international focus. 

CMA US is more inclined towards the managerial side of the financial management and equips the professionals for the top management positions in the business organizations. 

By acquiring these prestigious qualifications, one can prepare for the challenging and highly competitive environment of international business. Reflect on your career objectives, skills, and preferences to select the course that will be most suitable for the desired career. Any of these qualifications if pursued with dedication and hard work can open the doors to a fulfilling and well-paid job. 

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