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National Income-Economics

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1. National Income estimation in India is done by :

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2. GDPMP = GDPFC + ................. :

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3. GNP is equal to ................. plus Net foreign income from abroad.

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4. In country ‘X’, if NNP at market price remained constant and depreciation increased compared to the previous year, then GNP at market prices will

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5. The most important problem in Estimating GNP is :

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6. Which one of the following is correct?

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7. GDP at Factor Cost = GDP at Market Price minus indirect taxes plus

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8.GNP at factor cost minus depreciation is equal to.

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9.NNP at factor cost plus ................. is equal to NNP at market price.

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10.Goods and services for final consumption are:

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11.Real national income means the national income measured in terms of.

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12.Which one of the following is correct?

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13.National dividend is sum of the money value of all ................. goods & services produced by the residents of a country during a period of one year  including income derived from abroad.

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14.The most important problem of estimating National Income is..

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15.National Income differs from Net National Product at market price by the amount of:

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16.National Income differs from Net National Product at market price by the amount  of

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17.Per Capita national income means:

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18.National Income doesn’t include:

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19.Value added method is used to measure ..............

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20.Per Capita national income means:

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