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Law of Torts-Legal Aptitude

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1.Law of Torts is a _________ law.

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2.Tort is derived from Latin word_________

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3.Tort means____________

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4.Tort is equal to civil wrong but tort is not equal to criminal wrong____

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5.Tort means civil wrong which is not exclusively a breach of contract or breach of trust is designed under _______ of limitation act.

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6.Which of the following doesn’t describes meaning of Tort______

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7.Tort is a civil wrong but all Civil wrong are not Tort_____

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8.Conditions for liability for a Tort_________.

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9.Wrongful Act includes_________.

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10.Which one of the following is not a meaning of Damnum________

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11.Damnum Sine Injuria means__________

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12.Injuria Sine Damnum means_____

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13.Which one of the following is a Legal Remedy_______.

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14.Mens Rea means actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea__________.

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15.The cases of ___________ liability are exceptions to this Mens Rea Principe.

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16.breach of public Rights which affect the whole community is a___________

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17.Infringement of private or civil Rights of individual is a_________.

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18.Tthe Defendant is held liable in which type of tortuous liability_______

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19.The case that fall under Absolute /Strict liability are_______

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20. Law of Tort has legally developed through________

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21.Law of Tort deals with_________

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22.In Tort, the remedy is_______

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23.Which of the following is not the exception of the rule of Strict Liability_________

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24.___________is an Attack on the reputation of a person.

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25.. In ___________ a person may be held liable for tort committed by another like a Master is for the tort of his servant.

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