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ICMAI CMA Exam Dates June 2024 for Foundation, Inter & Final

Mark Your Calendars: ICMAI CMA Exam Dates – June 2024 Foundation, Intermediate & Final.

Get ready, CMA aspirants! The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) has officially announced the application deadlines for the June 2024 term, the institute will also soon announce the exam dates too. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Foundation Course Exam Dates:

• Exam Date|:16th June. 

Paper 1: Fundamentals of business laws and business communication 

Paper 2: Fundamentals of financial and cost accounting

Paper 3: Fundamentals of business mathematics and statistics 

Paper 4: Fundamentals of business economics and management 

• Application Deadline: April 16th, 2024.

Intermediate Course Exam Dates:

Group 1 Exam Dates: 

 11thJune – Business laws and ethics 

 13thJune – Financial Accounting

 15thJune Direct and Indirect Taxation

 17thJune – Cost Accounting

Group 2 Exam Dates: 

12thJune – Operations Management and Strategic Management

14thJune – Corporate Accounting and Auditing

16thJune – Financial Management and Business Data Analytics

18thJune – Management Accounting

• Application Deadline: April 10th, 2024.

Final Course Exam Dates:

Group 1 Exam Dates: 

11thJune – Corporate and Economic Laws

13thJune – Strategic Financial Management

15thJune – Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

17thJune – Strategic Cost Management

Group 2 Exam Dates: 

12thJune – Cost and Management Audit

14th June – Corporate Financial Reporting

16th June – Indirect Tax Laws and Practice

18th June -. Electives (Any one of three Papers) :

(i) Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation (P-20A)

(ii) Risk Management in Banking and Insurance (P-20B)

(iii) Entrepreneurship and Start up (P-20C)

• Application Deadline: April 10th, 2024.

What is the Cost Management Accountant CMA Salary in India?

Stay Updated:

Visit the official ICMAI website ( to see notifications, updates and detailed exam schedules. Simply remember that the timing of your applications is potentially a crucial element, and do not leave things until the last minute.

Start Preparing:

With the dates set, buckle up and study hard. Make use of the study materials, enroll in coaching classes and form groups to get prepared adequately.

Tips for preparation:

1. Create a study plan: In this sense, it is essential to design a study plan that encompasses all the topics in syllabus. Spend an appropriate amount of time on each topic, and make sure you have enough revision days before the exams.

2. Practice regularly: Success is achieved through regular practice of the CMA exams. Previous year’s question papers should be solved and mock tests taken to give an idea about the pattern of examination and its level.

3. Make short notes: When studying for the tests, take notes briefly. This will assist you to revise effectively before the tests.

4. Revise regularly: Revision helps you keep what has been learned. Your study plan should include some time for review.

5. Stay focused: Avoid social media when studying. Focus on your objective and work tirelessly to attain it.

6. Take care of your health: Take good care of your health. Sleep well, consume healthy diet.

7. Refer to online resources: Many online sources are also available that will help you to prepare for the CMA examinations. Such materials can be used as additional sources of knowledge.

As the ICMAI June 2024 CMA Exam Dates have been announced, aspirants should start preparing meticulously. Finally, the Foundation, Intermediate and Final courses are at mid-June to highlight how critical it is in developing study schedule.

The application date for the deadline set is January 31st, 2024, thus applicants are encouraged to be timely.

Is the CMA Foundation Exam tough?

The article focuses on the importance of staying informed via official ICMAI website and providing pragmatic advice such as study plan, practice regularly; record taking notes throughout preparation time begin revision every day.

For CMA aspirants, the article implores them to remain focused on their goals and maintain good health as they pursue this noble but difficult undertaking via appropriate online resource utilization.

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