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How Difficult is CSEET? | Is CSEET Tough or Easy

CSEET refers to the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test.  This test is a gateway to the Company Secretary course which is conducted by the ICSI.

This is a very prestigious profession. One of the most sought after course. CS aspirants have to pass the CSEET test to get admission into this course. The paper is conducted every year. For the year 2022, these exams will be conducted in May and the registration for the same had started in April.

To get yourself enrolled in this subject, students need to fill the admission form and pay the registration fees of Rs.1500. For the details of the examination form, one can go to the official ICSI website or follow our blog. 

Exam Pattern for the CSEET – How Difficult is CSEET? | Is CSEET Tough or Easy

The CSEET exam consists of 4 subjects.

Subject 1 Business communication

Subject 2 Legal aptitude and logical reasoning

Subject 3 Economics and business environment

Subject 4 Current affairs paper.

Students will be attempting the paper in one siting, i.e one question paper will be given to the students, however the paper will consist of 4 subjects as mentioned above.  

How Difficult is CSEET? | Is CSEET Tough or Easy

The paper will be multiple choice based. For each subject the student has to score 20 marks (Maximum marks that can be scored are 50 marks which implies that the students have to score at least 40 % marks in each subject) and in total the student has to score 100 marks.

If both these conditions are satisfied, the student passes the exam and get started with his preparation for the executive exams. However, if the student, either score less than 100 marks in aggregate or he is not able to score minimum 20 marks in anyone subject, then he will fail the examination. An important thing to note is that there is no negative marking in the paper.

What should I study for CSEET?

This question is often asked by the students opting for the CS course. The syllabus of the CSEET consists mainly of 4 modules provided by the ICSI to the students in public domain for the preparation. Any student who is opting to do self-study, should refer the ICSI study material provided in the website.

How Difficult is CSEET? | Is CSEET Tough or Easy

You can also refer the video lectures and material provided by the Unique Academy of Commerce, free of cost. You should also keep track of the amendments that come in each subject from time to time.

How many hours study for Cseet?

It should take about 4-5 hour daily for a student to decently prepare all the subjects. However, this is a rough estimate and a lot of this will fluctuate depending upon the student’s capacity, his focus and his area of coverage.

How Difficult is CSEET? | Is CSEET Tough or Easy

However, no matter how many hours you study, it is always advised to be at your 100% efficiency to make the most out of that study time.

How to Prepare for CSEET

To prepare for the CSEET exams, you should only do one thing and that s study. There is no shortcut to it. Refer to your books, make your own notes, attempt mock tests, practice as much as you can, try to minimize your distractions and stay healthy.

How do I pass CSEET in first attempt?

Following points can help you crack CSEET in first attempt

Focus on your strengths

the subjects of CSEET relate a lot to the class 12th subjects. So it might be very much possible that some of the subjects are your area of interest. Or some subjects may be your scoring areas.

So a good option would be to focus on these subjects so that you can be safe on your aggregate 100 marks that are necessary to score to pass the exams.

Every subject has something Unique.

So for the paper 1, it is advised to have a command on the business communication and vocabulary. The paper simply aims to test how much fluent you are in communication. The paper 2 aims to test the legal bend of mind of the students.

This paper is more important for the students than the Institute. Because this paper will help them examine their own aptitude towards law and how much law as a subject attracts them. Any students who gains interest in this subject is sure to enjoy further stages of the CS course. The paper 3 is related to the economy which most of the students study in their class 12th.

So considering that you paid attention to this subject in your board exams, this subject will not give you as much challenge and you just need to brush up on the old concepts and prepare the new concepts.

The last subject which is essentially the current affairs might be a real challenge for the students who do not generally follow the news. However, if you want to crack the CSEET exam, you should start paying attention to the current happenings.

Be Consistent

It does not matter if you only study for 2 hours a day, or 1 hours a day. what matters is whether you are able to continue it for months till your exams come and how much efficiently are you studying during that time. 

These tips will help you to 100% pass in the first attempt.

Is CSEET exam difficult? If yes, then how difficult is CSEET?

Yes. The CSEET exams are difficult. And to answer the second question, it is as difficult as you make it. Is CSEET easy? Yes, it is as easy as you can make it.

CSEET Video Lecture

So for students who are in an exam fear, it is safe to say that CSEET is only the foundation level exam which has been designed to ensure that every candidate entering into the CS course has a legal aptitude and is fit to represent this profession.

So, this exam is not to be feared. If you are taking your classes, regularly studying, then there is no reason for you to worry. Just do your best and you will pass with flying colors if you have stayed true towards it.

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