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Constitution Of India-Legal Aptitude

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1..Legislative is the______body.

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2.How many lists are there in Constitution?

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3.________ Body executes Law.

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4.Which of the following is not the body of executive?

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5.Judiciary Body includes following_____________

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6.When did India adopted constitution of India?

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7.When did Constitution of India applied?

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8.From which country’s Constitution the judicial Review has been borrowed?

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9. India is a__________country.

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10._______is the Highest Court of law.

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11.All the rights are not Absolute________

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12.Article 12 consists of______.

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13.State includes______.

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14.The Body/ Institution which is formed by the act comes under__________.

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15.State consists of__________, to become state we need following conditions

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16.In which it was decided that to become a State we need following condition

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17.Article 13 is_________.

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18.Which article defines Equality before Law and Equal Protection of Law?

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19. Right to Equality defines Equal Protection of Law applied to all citizens, foreigners___________

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20.Which article defines judicial review?

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21.Which article defines Protection of Conviction for offences?

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22.Which article prohibits of discrimination only on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth?

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23.________ defines that ‘No Citizen shall be subject to any disability restrictions or condition with regard to-Restaurant, Hotels, Well, Tanks, etc’.

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24.Article 15(3) defines______.

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25.Special provisions for education of background classes, scheduled cast, scheduled tribe defines undersection

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