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Which of these is not a traditional method of approaching customers ?

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Which of these is an essential feature required for advertisement ?

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__________ is the biggest example of paid communication.

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What does ā€œDā€ stands for in AIDAS plan ?

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In case of order letters which of these is not placed under the head of terms and

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In case of tenders, contract is given based on the principle of:

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Normally, in tender notices EMD is __________ of estimated value.

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In case of tender notices, EMD stands for:

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The first step of a commercial transaction is __________.

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Which of these terms and conditions are not present in the letter of appointment?

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Which of these terms and conditions are not present in the letter of appointment?

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Which type of letter is not good will letter.

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What does OEM stands for?

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Which of the following is not the heading of a classified?

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Which of the following features specifically does not relate to advertisement

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Difference between a sales letter and sales circular is

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Which of the following is not a form of intra-organizational communication.

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Office orders have a format similar to that of:

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A sales letter drafted for a large number of people is known as

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A job application is similar to

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